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Tension headache relief

I first went to Dr. Jason Holt in 2017 for chronic tension headaches that were resistant to traditional forms of medical treatment like over-the-counter anti-inflammatory meds i.e., Tylenol/Ibprophen or prescriptions from my physician and physical therapy. Upon examination and X-rays he recommended I see him for chiropractic adjustments 2x per week as well as 30min massages. Relief was immediate! I knew right away that this was the treatment I had been missing. My tension headaches slowly diminished in severity. The length of time of a flare-up lessened dramatically and overtime they were gone. From there he recommended that I would only need adjustments every couple of months or so as maintenance. He delivered guidance on other areas of health and wellness at each appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Holt to anyone experiencing pain. I recognize Dr. Holt as an expert in chiropractic care and adjunctive therapies including nutrition, muscle testing and functional movement.

Kate Louise Villwock

Cares about your health!

Dr. Holt has a great manner about him when you meet him for your appointment. He really cares about his patients and is very attentive. He listens to you and where your pain is and tailors treatment according to your needs. Whether it is a single appointment tune-up to a more continuous treatment plan, He makes you feel better. My back and health have greatly improved from seeing Dr. Holt!

Melissa Richards

GREAT Service for my aching neck!

When my back and neck were hurting, it was time to call the professionals. Dr. Jason Holt is amazing. Intuitive, communicative, asked questions. He explained, using words I could understand, what was going on. He treated me, and offered instructions on how to keep this from happening. GREAT SERVICE!

Andre Lindauer

Back to Normal

I’m so thankful for Dr. Holt’s gentle approach to taking a look at my neck and back. It’s a relief to know that I’m in good hands. I so appreciate the extra support with exercises that I can do at home to mitigate the future occurrences. We are fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable in our area.

Riki Marie

You can’t go wrong with Dr. Holt

Dr. Holt really cares about his patients. Unlike other chiropractors who want to set up weeks and weeks of visits before knowing what’s wrong, Dr. Holt provides tips for how to take care of yourself at home. We are lucky to have him and his business in the Salem community.

Manny Martinez

Compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled

Dr. Holt is a highly knowledgeable and competent practitioner, with an engaging and therapeutic presence. His ability to employ various tools to address the needs of my body, while taking into account my preference for gentle manipulation, is highly appreciated.
Apart from addressing skeletal issues, he was able to address a chronic ear issue with one simple manipulation. If you struggle with seasonal allergies or problems with drainage in your ears, reach out to Dr. Holt.
Apart from manipulation techniques, his ability to impart knowledge regarding therapeutic exercise and nutritional strategies augments the treatment plan immensely. Thank you!

Kulsoom Shah


I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the chiropractic care. Cracking backs and necks always terrified me. Dr. Holt really made me feel comfortable when adjusting my neck and back. I wasn’t even aware how much I really needed his help.

Dr. Holt took some extra time explaining different exercises to help with recovery. Was very impressed with his ability to preform and calm me for my first chiropractic visit. More to come!

Brandon McElroy

Adjustment on the first try

Dr. Jason Holt DC has a great approach of listening and asking questions. He used a combination of equipment and manual therapy to stretch and relax my muscle before adjusting. Then he adjusted my neck on the first try!

Chrystal Patston

The only one to figure out what was wrong

I had been seeing my primary care doctor after being rear ended, went to rehab doctors, physical therapy, had xrays, bone scans, injections. The pain in my hips was not getting better. Jason figured out what it was and between he, the massage therapist and the physical therapist we have it almost back to normal. Having had prior back surgeries made it harder, but Jason was the one to figure out what was really wrong.

Dana Burk

Thank you!

My low back was hurting and had heard of Dr. Holt from a friend of mine.. He had an auto accident and Dr. Holt helped him immensely and got him back to work with no pain. I recommend Dr. Jason Holt for back pain ..!

Ivonne Aydee

Feeling Good

Dr. Holt helped me with my realignment, and I have never felt better. Should of gone to see him years ago.

Dan S